About Betty Anne

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Betty Anne Tarini cut her baby teeth on Calgary real estate. Her father was buying up revenue property in the Kensington area when she was a very little girl and would often remark that he “made far more money in real estate than in the floor covering business.” She internalized the message that investing in real estate was the key to building wealth over the long term.

In 2005, she became a member of the Real Estate Investment Network, or REIN, and has now passed the 10-year mark as a Platinum Member. She is also an active member of the Calgary Residential Rental Association and was awarded the CRRA Small Landlord of the Year Award in 2014.

Although much of her business has come from other like-minded real estate investors, she also enjoys helping families move along the landmarks of their lives, from buying their first home to downsizing the empty nesters. Betty Anne’s mandate is to provide quality service and value to her clients in their real estate transactions in a manner that reflects her high ethics and professionalism.


Contact Betty Anne:

Cell: 403-830-3037
Email: tariniba@gmail.com