We offer hourly-based consulting on:


Moving, building, or renovating is a daunting task. There is house value, land value, alternate lot costs, renovation feasibility, locations, and potential house value after a renovation to name only a few considerations.

If you’re considering a renovation, we can provide:

  • Property value, as it sits
  • Estimated renovation costs
  • Estimate of a new build on your property
  • Renovated property value
  • New home on your property, property value
  • Renovation if your home is a good candidate for a renovation
  • Renovation suggestions
  • 3D massing of a renovation or new build, a 3D model of your proposed project, so you can get the look and feel of your project
  • Design Drawings

We will asses the viability of a major or minor renovation, asses land value, projected property value after renovation, estimate renovation costs, and new home building possibilities.

A move is contemplated, many people are in great lots, but the bathroom renovation ideas snowball into a major project. So is it worth it to spend all that on your current lot and your current house. The options are to look for other homes or decide if it is worthwhile to build a new home.

It is worthwhile to assess your current property in terms of development viability. Land value apart from property value, city building restrictions, and whether the current home has good bones to work from are all basic questions in contemplating a renovation.

It’s a complex inquiry; I am able to provide consultation about and through the entire process.


Not all lots are created equal, if your considering building on your own lot or need assessment of a potential building lot, we will look at the factors that effect the value and viability of a building project.

Building or renovation needs to be researched. There are many factors to consider such as zoning, easements, cavies, utility and utility right of ways, local developments, and of course value of the land.

Take a look at the video on land assessment.


We are able to produce quick 3D building massing to get the feel of a home on a lot, also develop permits, and construction drawings.

Every site has distinctive qualities, and every family has individual needs. The challenge is how best to utilize the lot, maximize the light, orientation for light, sound, perspectives, and how best to have the home connect to the earth.

In planning your own home, you have the unique opportunity to design a house that is built to suit you. You are able to have a say in the light and space, the efficiency of the home style, and so many other features. The fun thing is you can build a home that reflects you.

It starts with planning, then design options. We can build computer models so you can see and walk through the space.


Living in an energy efficient home is better than just saving money on energy; an energy efficient home is more comfortable. We spend a large percentage of our life in our home. If you’re building a home, make it energy efferent. If you’re renovating, make it more efficient. If you’re living in a home, there are easy things to do to make less impact on the planet while making life more comfortable.These services are provided by Doug Baxter, who has the credentials of being a Real Estate Broker, an Architectural Technologist, and a Certified Energy Advisor


See about Doug:Doug Baxter, Broker at Baxter and Associates Real Estate Services, entered the real estate industry in Calgary in 1986 and worked in residential and commercial sales, commercial leasing, and in the condominium market. In 1998, ‘My House Canada Corp’ created a greater diversity in services to the real estate market. In 2004, the name was changed to Baxter and Associates Real Estate Services. Since then it has been operating as a smaller, more personal real estate brokerage. It offers home buying and home selling services, move, renovate or buy consultingenergy assessment, and design consulting and drawing.